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ENERJOY® Radiant Heat Eliminates Heat Loss in Museums

Old Saybrook, CT   A design feature currently being installed in commercial structures is the use of glass on the perimeter of buildings.  Large glass windows used as walls allow sunlight to permeate the building space.  However, heat loss due to glass is an issue, and condensation forming along the inside perimeter can be problematic.

ENERJOY® Radiant Heatmodules, manufactured by Solid State Heating, Inc. (SSHC, Inc.) uniquely addresses this issue of heat loss and condensation.  Ceiling-mounted panels placed on or near the perimeter are being used in museums to minimize these issues.

Glass, including ‘low e’ glass, is opaque to long wave radiant energy.  This means, for building structures with glass perimeters, the energy loss is minimized and the heat remains within the structure. The ‘greenhouse effect’ serves to contain the heat within the building cavity.   In addition, all the floor space becomes usable, right up to the glass-lined perimeter.  ENERJOY addresses the primary perimeter heat loss by radiantly eliminating costly convection.

The new Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, acclaimed for its design and included in NEXT: The Future of Architecture, at the 8th Annual International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, installed ENERJOY panels to prevent condensation issues.  The panels are installed near the skylights of the museum and work with a control system that senses condensation.  When a certain level is reached, the panels turn on.  Jana Dengler, Facilities Director at the ICA, said panels the panels “have been working well for three years.  Any time I don’t have to think about something, it’s working well....no maintenance”.

ENERJOY is also installed in the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City and in the new 185,000 square foot Whitney Downtown Building, a second site being constructed for the Whitney Museum of Art, according to Richard Watson, President of SSHC.

ENERJOY Heat Panels can be zone controlled for energy efficiency.  The panels are ‘green’ products; they are recyclable, have a low carbon footprint and, due to low wattage draw, partner well with wind and solar energy.   Energy savings with ENERJOY Heatmodules have been documented by the U.S. Department of Energy.    

SSHC, Inc. produces and distributes electric radiant heating systems and is the pioneer of ENERJOY I Heatmodules. SSHC believes that all heating systems should be specified in concert with building design and components.   (Photos available upon request.)


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