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SSHC, Inc. produces and distributes electric radiant heating systems and is the pioneer of ENERJOY I Heatmodules, the only radiant heating system with energy savings documented by the D.O.E. and N.A.H.B.   SSHC believes that all heating systems should be specified in concert with building design and components.  By providing local occupant thermal comfort, the most energy efficient heating system can be specified.

The company's President, Richard D. Watson, one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the radiant field, co-authored The Handbook of Radiant Heating and Cooling.  He is a frequent speaker on the subject, has authored white papers and initiated studies on radiant heating.  SSHC is a long-standing member of Radiant Panel Association and American Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers, and Mr. Watson has chaired committees at ASHRAE over the last 20 years.

SSHC offers radiant heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial structures, for interior and exterior applications in new and existing homes and buildings...whether retrofitting a small bathroom for supplemental heat or an entire complex for primary heating.  ENERJOY ceiling panels are heating homes and buildings throughout the U.S., Canada and from South America to Europe to Asia and Australia. 

We offer complimentary system sizings and layouts for any application.

The Handbook of Radiant Heating and Cooling
By Richard Watson, President, SSHC, Inc. and Kirby Chapman, PhD. Kansas State University
Published by McGraw-Hill


The Handbook of Radiant Heating and Cooling covers, in considerable detail, theory and design information necessary to help the reader better understand how radiant heating or cooling systems work.  It is the ever-widening base of knowledge that those interested in radiant heating must have that stamps this Handbook with its special character. No other single reference work offers the in-depth coverage of the broad field of radiant heating and cooling.

The 900-page Handbook is designed to appeal to engineers, energy management and consulting personnel, architects, builders, developers and environmental officials and serious students of radiant technologies.  Handbook architecture starts with the basics, "Fundamentals of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics," and ends with the leading edge, "Engineering Design Tools to Assist in Heater/Cooler Sizing."

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