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Radiantly Heating Yoga Studios Around the World

ENERJOY® Radiant Heat is the heat of choice for hot yoga studios worldwide.  The unique health benefits of far infrared long wave1 ENERJOY radiance areYoga Studio using Enerjoy Panels appreciated in all types of hot yoga as well as dry personal and group saunas.ENERJOY environmental design is unique to meet the specifications of each hot room. Safe, economical, environmental conditions are met that provide uniform conditions on the mat, squat, sitting, or standing positions without draft, stirring of dust, pollens, or germs, noise, odor, or maintenance for the life of the building. 
ENERJOY Radiant Heat is the only product identified by the US Department of Energy for documented energy and occupant thermal comfort performance. Their ENERJOY Case Study verified a 30% to 50% energy savings along with a significantly reduced comparative watt/BTU installed capacity. 
At SSHC, your hot yoga heating system is designed based upon information you provide about your particular studio and yoga practice. That means that whether your studio is located in Copenhagen, Mumbai, Australia, Japan, or North America, your ENERJOY long wave Radiant pattern is designed to your particular specifications.

1Marketing hype seeks to communicate a ‘magic’ quality to the physics of radiant heat transfer. However, electromagnetic waves are defined solely by  temperature – the sun, which is billions of miles away is very hot, with short wave emissions in the visible, ultra violet, and other spectrum wavelengths. Visible spectrum gas flame and electric glowing heaters fall into this category.  However, low temperature heaters, such as humans, (our bodies are actually 100 -150 watt heaters), and ENERJOY Radiant Heaters emit safe long wave radiant heat in the far infrared spectrum to which human skin is 98% receptive and have the added benefit to yoga studios as glass is opaque to our heat minimizing heat loss.

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“Why Hot Yoga Studios Worldwide are Heated with ENERJOY® Radiant Heat”

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“Hot YOGA Requires Hot - Tranquil Thermal Conditions– 42C/105F”


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