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Keep materials at working temperature, safely with ENERJOY radiant heaters

SSHC, Inc. brings a new level of affordable electric heating safety and efficiency to woodworkers, by introducing textured Cosmetic Seconds or Appliance White radiant ceiling heaters for the wood shop. Use of ENERJOY Radiant Ceiling Panels to heat woodshops has been reported in Woodshop News, Fine Woodworking and on the net.

ENERJOY Radiant Heaters warm objects first, which then reradiate, warming the air to the desired thermostat set point. Objects such as wood can be maintained at the thermostat set point temperature while glue is drying, or in between periods of construction, to ensure measurement and fit stability. Paints, emulsions, and basic materials are maintained at the desired temperature, ready for instant use. Pulley installation facilitates height adjustment.

Wood shop safety dictates that a flame-less, spark-free environment is maintained, as sawdust, solvents, and many common materials are highly combustible. Placed upon the ceiling, out of harms' way, ENERJOY Heatmodules utilizes a safe Solid-State® heating element to produce radiant heat - ideal for wood shops. And, there is no noise, blowing of dust, or odor, while the floor, workbench, tools and work are warmed.

ENERJOY is a very economic source of heat. The recent Department of Energy funded case study by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center found 33% energy savings over the heat pump and 52% savings over baseboard electric heat. The study also validated the normal 30 to 60% reduction in installed wattage for ENERJOY. Use in wood shops has produced similar energy savings and installed capacity reductions with much more satisfactory heating than conventional convection systems. For example, a 26RPH-2(240v) or 26RPH-4 (120v), 750 Watt Heatmodule is usually adequate for comfortable task heating in a normal basement or semi-heated workroom, at an operating cost of a nickel an hour or less.

With ENERJOY, users Treat Their Heat Like LightsTM, turning heat up on entry and down when they leave. The fast-acting ENERJOY Peopleheaters reach full operating temperature within five minutes, making occupants feel 6-8°F warmer.

The Woodshop ENERJOY Series extends over a range of sizes and wattage allowing precise sizing to the nearest 100 watts. Heatmodules are available in 2'x2' up through 2'x8', starting at 250 watts, and increasing by 125 watts for each additional foot in length. When available Cosmetic Second panels give you up to a 25% savings. Control is by a specialty priced DEMO Wood Shop Series single pole line voltage thermostat. All Wood Shop Series ENERJOY Heatmodules are suitable for installation in shop areas and carry the normal ENERJOY 5 year limited warranty.



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